WordPress Plugin
Bloom is an extremely versatile lead generation plugin for WordPress. With Bloom, you can easily add email opt-in forms to your website with full control over design and display settings while also collecting actionable insights into how to take your email marketing to the next level.

Lead-Generation With Style

Bloom integrates the most popular email marketing softwares into one extremely diverse tool that gives users full creative control over their opt-in forms.

Landing Page

Click the image below to view the live landing page.

Logo Construction

The Bloom logo went through a process that searched for balance between geometric and organic forms. The flower’s strong geometric foundation influenced the custom typography, but in the end, the wordmark took on a more organic flow.

Process & Evolution

The Bloom Dashboard

Bloom’s dashboard is a hub for managing, designing, and configuring email opt-in forms. The homepage displays your active and inactive opt-ins with options for creating new opt-ins, AB testing, duplicating, deleting, and editing.

Creating A New Opt-In

Making a new opt-in begins with choosing which kind of opt-in you want to create.

Designing Your Opt-In

The Design Tab lets you define everything from the text on your form, to the the color of your subscribe button. You can even click the preview button at any time to see how your design is looking.

Configure Your Display Settings

Bloom comes with automatic triggers for pop-up and fly-ins, along with an array of display settings so you can choose exactly who sees a given opt-in on exactly the pages you want.


The statistics tab gives you the numbers you need to refine the way you are targeting your visitors with actionable insights around when, where, and how your opt-ins are converting the best.

Pre-Made Opt-In Form Images

Below are a few of the pre-made images that Bloom comes with to help you design your opt-in forms.

Marketing Materials

Below are pieces of the promotional image package that we sent to bloggers and affiliates to help them promote the launch of Bloom to their readers.