WordPress Plugin
Monarch is a social sharing plugin for WordPress that focuses on diverse design options, unique customer targeting, and actionable insights that tell you where and when people are are most engaged with your content.

The Monarch Dashboard

The Monarch Dashboard is a custom designed interface built into the WordPress Admin Panel that allows you to configure, manage, and monitor your social sharing and social following. This is where you can setup your social networks, design your Monarch buttons, and track your social statistics.


I'm a Working Prototype!

See the Pen Dashboard Prototype

I created the html and css for this mockup that was handed off to developers for a proof of concept

Try Out the Hover Styles!

One of the first steps in configuring your Monarch design settings is choosing a hover style. Below are the hover options for the social floating sidebar along with a link to all of Monarch’s design settings.

Landing Page

Click the image below to view the live landing page.

Logo Construction

The Monarch logo is a butterfly inspired M accompanied by a custom wordmark. For brand expansion, I also created an A-Z alphabet based on the Monarch wordmark.

Icon Font

A custom icon font, based on a 16 x 16 pixel grid, was used for the dashboard and social networks Icons. This approach gave us full CSS control over each and every icon.

Promo Site Headers

Marketing Materials

Below are pieces of the promotional image package that we sent to bloggers and affiliates to help them promote the launch of Monarch to their readers.